Steel Homes Canada

About Us

        Steel Homes Canada is a company with green building in mind. 
Recycled steel is the answer offering a super strong post and beam type of a modern affordable home.

  1. Does it look like a conventional home?

    Once they are finished, our homes look like any other house. They may have a stylish, colored steel roof system, but other than that you can't tell them apart from a conventional house inside or out. You can even choose to use non-metallic materials for your walls and roof, like shingles and brick or stone.

  2. How will my home look and feel on the inside?

    The inside framing is covered with dry wall and painted. You can use crown molding and other nice trim details to make your home special. Our walls are perfectly straight so that the lines finish out crisp and clean. Our clearspan design lets you use any floor plan you want. Because our homes are so energy efficient, the temperature stays more constant and the home feels more comfortable.

  3. Can my home have a fireplace?

    Absolutely! It can go anywhere in the home you like. Fireplaces are much safer in our homes, because our structure is non-combustible.

  4. What if I want to use something beside a steel roof system or steel siding?

    That's fine too. Just choose our frame package only or create a custom quote and pick the roofing and siding options that fit your design.

  5. What about lightning hitting the home?

    A steel framed home is no more likely to be hit by lightning than a wood framed house. The difference is that the steel home is much safer if it is struck. When lightning hits a wooden object, like a wood-framed house or tree, the energy has nowhere to go and it usually explodes and often causes a fire. On the other hand, a steel object -- like a light pole or steel-framed home -- instantly conducts the energy to the ground. That's why once or more in your life you have probably seen a tree (or a shingle roof) with obvious damage from a lightning strike, yet you never see similar damage on steel poles, cars, or steel-framed buildings. Remember that most of the commercial and public buildings in your community -- churches, bank branches, schools, stores, etc. -- are framed with steel, and they are not being constantly struck or damaged by lightning. In short, the safest place you could be in a lightning storm is inside a steel-framed structure.

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